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Dr. Anne van Delft...?

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Welcome! This bill board illustrates the highlights of my curriculum vitae and gives you an impression of who Anne van Delft is. Hopefully, you agree that I'm more than a suitable candidate for the PhD on delicate relations. Any questions? Contact me!

The teddybear hospital is a project of IFMSA that helps toddlers familiarize with hospital settings through roleplay. I volunteered as a teddybear doctor.

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I've been an intern at The Netherlands Institute for Social Research since April, assisting in a research on partner migration. As a research intern I contribute to the recruitment of participants, data analysis and written report. Amazing how people open up in these interviews and let you peek into their worlds. It's great to see qualitative data at work and contribute to policy-making!

After my position in the board of RSG, I decided getting back to only studying would be unsatisfying and started volunteering at Stichting Platform Islamitische Organisaties Rijnmond. This organization contributes to the welfare, integration and success of muslims with all kinds of backgrounds in Rotterdam. Emancipation, religious education, decreasing language and cultural barriers: they do it all.

Objective: Becoming a scholar that contributes to the social cohesion, welfare and personal growth in multicultural populations. The PhD in delicate relations at the Faculty of Humanities fits my talents and interests perfectly and I hope to get the chance to discuss my application.

During my exchange I joined several ESN activities and I was a buddy for international students myself in '09.

Straight after moving to Rotterdam for my studies at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, I joined student association Het Rotterdamsch Studenten Gezelschap. I've been in a set of different committees and the board since then. It's where I got my experience in project management, communication, teamwork and leadership!

My name is Anne van Delft, a 23 year old Dutch graduate in Multiculturalism.

During my exchange to Istanbul, I studied at Yeditepe Üniversitesi for four months. Istanbul soon became my hometown as I moved into a Turkish classmate's appartment and experienced the sincere hospitality of the entire family. Making friends for life and exploring a culture and society quite distant from my own was a great experience that really got me thinking. Thinking about whether I should change my studies for exmaple and switch to the (inter)cultural field.

I was so proud to be the captain of this team! This summer our committee recruited 150 new members and organized the introduction week for the student association's freshmen!

This summer, I graduated as a master in Multiculturalism. MSc it is! Master thesis: Using Common Ingroup Identity to Reduce Negative Stereotyping Within the Context of the Kurdish Conflict. It's a quantitative, experimental study through surveys and graded 8,5. Final GPA: 3.69.