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My Top 3 Hand-Lettering Tips for Beginners

Here, I am sharing the three tips I wish I had received when I began hand-lettering! These are 3 simple ideas that can change your outlook on lettering, and what it means to be a hobbyist vs. a lettering guru!

Een alfabet voorbeeld voor je kalligrafie! ✿ An alphabet example for your calligraphy!

Been asked a couple of times to show how i do my freehand calligraphy, so here it is! I finally get to post this watercolor trick since i was able to teachit during this morning's class!


20 Fantastic Online Resources For Beginner Lettering Stars!

Janda Stylish Script Font Inspiration - Hand Lettering Basics with Brit Co. Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners Bonus! A Free Printable Online Class/Student Planner

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