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3D Umbrella Rainy Day Card for Kids to Make

Voor de eerste schooldag: iedereen vult de boom aan met zijn duimafdruk en de leerkracht hangt de boom in een mooi lijstje op een duidelijk zichtbare plek, om te herinneren dat we allemaal vrienden zijn en samen een geheel vormen.

"Leaf" your thumbprint with this alternative to a regular guest book. Have a custom guest book fingerprint tree made just for you. This Guest book fingerprint tree is perfect for weddings, baby showers, anniversary's, and and family event.

Manuales: ¡Sol y lluvia! - The raindrops hanging from this cloud are all assorted blue and white bottlecaps! This whole blog post is sheer genius!

Create a cloud and some raindrops! Recycling plastic caps into a classroom project- in this case, creating beautiful strings of 'raindrops' out of caps that normally end up in the trash.

De oude kastanje-poppetjes in een nieuw jasje.

Chestnuts Art - Your Kids Will Love It - Find Fun Art Projects to Do at Home and Arts and Crafts Ideas

felted acorns. so tiny and lovely!


10 DIY Autumn crafts that you will fall for. Fall is such a great season, and one of my favorite activities is updating my decor with all things autumn - while sipping warm apple cider (of course.) These are some of my favorite DIY autumn crafts.

Leaf under Aluminum Foil - Art Club

Cassie Stephens: Leaf Relief with aluminum foil and spray paint/ink/shoe polish and steel wool