Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls..maybe with chicken?

Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls

Balsamic glazed steak rolls filled with vegetables. Mainly just the balsamic glazed steak :) Roasted Basil Butter Parmesan Shrimp

Roasted Basil Butter Parmesan Shrimp

TO TRY Roasted Basil Butter Parmesan Shrimp.make the basil butter first.form into little loaf and chill. Roast the shrimp and the add little slices of the basil butter over the hot, roasted shrimp.

Garlic Shrimp

Food Wishes Video Recipes: Garlic Shrimp – Not Necessarily In That Order We had this for dinner tonight with steak. BEST shrimp I've ever had!