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four different colored paper plates with flowers and birds on them
Zijdebloemen en kunstbloemen niet van echt te onderscheiden
Kuiken uit ei
the story map for children to read
three necklaces with different colored beads and flowers on them, hanging from pink cords
Ketting knutselen met een bloem van zoutdeeg
there are many paintings on the wall in this room that is decorated with children's artwork
Hans en Grietje: Het huis van de heks
a child's art project made out of paper and colored squares with words on it
Anouk Wissink (@notjustteach) / Twitter
Snoephuis Hans en Grietje
Woordweb met echte snoepjes erbij Om, Sint Maarten, Met, Enamel Pins
Woordweb met echte snoepjes erbij
PARAÍSO DO EDUCANDO: João e Maria Ballet Crafts, 1 Decembrie, English Worksheets For Kids, Picture Story, Tomi, Mini Games, Worksheets For Kids, Stories For Kids, Bricolage Noel
João e Maria
a piece of paper with drawings on it and some papers taped to the wall behind it
a child's drawing of a road with trees on it
Hans & Grietje, Klein Duimpje... kronkelweg door medeklinkerbos
a clock that is on the wall with numbers and symbols around it, as well as an arrow
Project sprookjes. Het huisje van de heks uit hans en grietje. Hoeveel snoepjes mag jij pakken ?
a hand is pointing at a piece of paper with fish on it
Hands on Activities for Learning about Number - Little Lifelong Learners
a child's mind map with pictures on it
several pictures of different types of animals and their names are shown in the same image
Bingo van Hans en grietje aangepast
colorful paper houses are sitting on the table
Snoephuisje vouwen van Hans en Grietje
a group of black hats hanging from the side of a white wall with writing on them
a house with two children in front of it and an image of a person standing outside
an open book with music notes on the page and pictures of children's musical instruments
Lied hans en grietje
a gingerbread house made to look like it has candy on the front and sides
Gingerbread Houses
Huis van Hans en Grietje
a piece of paper with some writing on it
Tekendictee Hans en Grietje
four different pictures of people in the same room
cuento de hansel y gretel