annika hommema

annika hommema

annika hommema
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I sooooo want to try this sometime! :D But I'm thinking......animal print :D

Previous pinner: Brighten up your keyboard with wasabi tape.looks so cute but I still hunt & peck so much. I wonder if you can see the letters through the tape? Heehee wasabi tape, now I just have to find his cool tape

Duct Tape DIY Projects - Hammock -- fun for kids

A reality tv show where some crazy bearded rednecks sell duct tape hammocks Ok. That's what the pinner said that I'm pinning this from. THATS RUDE! Only Si is crazy. Most rednecks are.

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"You forgive people simply because you still want them in your life". but are they worth it or are they slowly eating away at your happiness? Life is short changes need to be made or you'll have to limit your time with them.