Wit tv-meubel6

Furniture, Amazing Luxurous Room Of The Design The Good Media Consoles Ikea With The Black Television And The Beautiful Flower In The Glass Vase With The White Pendant Lamp And The White Wooden Flooring ~ Many Kinds Of The Good Media Consoles Ikea

suspension design, Secto Design pour salle à manger

Rustic dining table with simple yet stunning shelving and of course the Octo pendants from Secto

Een mooie eikenhouten tafel wordt nog aantrekkelijker met een robuust stalen onderstel. Het geeft de tafel die ruige, natuurlijke look.

This is the table I would put in my dining room. The white chairs and light brown wood match the style I am going for and gives off a cool color.

Charlotte Perriand and Jean Prouvé

Free-form coffee table, manufacturer by Les Atelier Jean Prouvé, France and editioned by Steph Simon, France. Designed by Charlotte Perriand and Jean Prouvé,

Helsinki-based design studio, Poiat / Lavitta Collection


Helsinki-based design studio, Poiat, is adding a selection of new colors and upholstery options to their sophisticated Lavitta Collection.