Loved my Mon Chichi

Monchichi- Loved this guy.remember the song. monchichi monchichi I can play atari. there was a cartton of these oo, loved it and used to watch it. not to mention have a few dolls also. were so CUTE!

paper dolls

Sheila Young, Illustrator Polly Pratt paperdolls that were available in Good Housekeeping magazines during the timeframe.

Leuk detail voor moeders en (kleine) meisjes! Nagellak Sinterklaasjes...

Leuk detail voor moeders en (kleine) meisjes! Nagellak Sinterklaasjes...

She Takes Off A Doll’s Face With Nail Polish Remover. When You See The Result You’ll Want One! -

She takes discarded dolls and makes them look realistic and so much nicer by removing their makeup with nail polish remover!

Toys From The 70S - Bing Images - Click image to find more History Pinterest pins

water ring toss was just one of these water games, I had a couple, they were pretty fun.before video games of course. oh, the things that entertained us

Make a big counting maze for preschoolers to walk and count their way through

Counting Maze for Preschoolers 123! - hands on : as we grow

Math Activity: Counting Maze of Numbers.this is probably better for when children are learning numbers at school but could be easily adapted for younger children.


"Knikkeren" The marble game - we played it so much growing up.some of those marbles had beautiful colors inside.

Sophie, Claude, Veronique et Line

French Paper Dolls - I love how the dresses are designed to wrap around the doll's legs to suggest depth

Antique French Paper Doll.

Paper doll cut out offer in the twenties to advertise some pharmaceuticals.

MAncala (oware) board works for all kinds of loose parts play!

Can be dug into the ground with sticks to define the space. Mancala (oware) board comes in handy for early childhood loose parts play with graded stones.


This Lego advertisement is depicted as both boys and girls toy. There is no pink, no dolls, no flowers, etc. They now have Lego toys that are exclusive for girls as if it is unacceptable for girls to play with boys toys.