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Damask Cake Topper - Wedding Cake Topper - Damask Personalized Monogram Letter Cake Topper - Scroll Cake Topper Bride and Groom

Journal, hand lettering, alphabet, font Easy hand drawn lettering great for journaling scrapbooking wedding invitations

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(Oh, I draw trees too! It's like the only thing I draw, when I draw and I need to expand my art skills. I used to be able to draw all sorts of stuff. *sigh*~Sarah E Smith)

Lettering alohabet by janet

Repost from another one of my favourites ❤💕 for week 19 of the 52 week visual vocabulary challenge ・・・ The style I excel at for and my K for knack in the challenge is drawing block letters! It's really my only talent in life.

Mickey Mouse font example aid for handwriting text

18 Disney Letters Font Images - Disney Letter Font Embroidery, Walt Disney Embroidery Font and Disney Font Alphabet Letter Printables