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an image of a room with clothes hanging on the wall and a mirror in the corner
a chandelier is on sale for $ 399, and it's in the store
an image of a website for furniture and home decor on the appliance store
an image of a door with measurements for the frame and glass in front of it
an instagram page with flowers on it and the caption in german is not available
a chair with gold legs is on sale
an image of palm trees on the screen
an image of a living room with furniture on the bottom right hand corner and text below it
an image of a blue and white flowered wallpaper on a cell phone screen
an image of a room that is in the app for people to see it on their cell phone
the product is on sale for $ 4, 999 and it's not very cheap
a white bathroom mirror sitting on top of a shelf
the website for an appliance that is selling furniture and accessories in german language
an image of a green bench on the app store's mobile page for furniture