Leuke uiltjes om te breien. http://blij-dat-ik-brei.blogspot.nl/2012/09/uiltjes-voor-gevorderden.html

seriously cute owl puffs on Ravelry.(got a pair of socks half done - perfect shape for owls. It all got to complex w two colours.

Knitting loom snowman hat pattern (breiraam sneeuwman muts patroon)

Loom Knit - Frosty Snowman Hat pattern done on KK round looms and spool loom. Posted on Loom Lore - Tom Turkey hat by Brenda Myers converted to Frosty by Michelle Thomas.

This Mama Knits: Cupcake Hat Pattern

Loom knitting hat patters designed for the authentic Knifty Knitter looms.This has the pattern and link to Sooo many patterns!