Anouk Westerhuis
Anouk Westerhuis
Anouk Westerhuis

Anouk Westerhuis

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Hi my lovely's ♡ . I'm Anouk Westerhuis from Holland and I love fashi♡n ! Enjoy xo

Meer ideeën van Anouk

My vintage sunglasses ♡

My own selfmade leather skull leather bag ♡

#DIY have fun ♡

#DIY Do studs or spikes on your shoes . That provides trendy and " new " shoes . Take care that they don't fall off ♡

#DIY see the previous pic ♡

#DIY you can also do this with a tail ! See that result in the next pic ♡

#DIY this is another really cute idea for an old short or jeans or something . ♡

#DIY for this wonderful phone case you only need studs or spikes and a simple white , black or other colour soft phone case . Make sure it is one that can by studs ' ♡

#DIY : this is really nice when you have a old short or something that you never wear . Now you have a lovely " new " shortje without spending much money ! ♡