Garden Orchid

The exotic beauty of orchids in your own garden? With the easy, frost-resistant Garden Orchid you can bring the tropics into your back garden. Select the…
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several potted plants with purple flowers on a table in front of a wooden wall
These Bletilla plants are must-haves for a romantic garden style.♡ #terracotta ©Anthura
the words garden orcad are surrounded by flowers
Love the spring season. Enjoy Garden Orchid in your garden. #garden
some white and red flowers are in the dirt
Snow white Pleione stand out in the garden during spring. #garden ©Anthura
the garden is full of flowers and rocks
Combine your fresh green lawn with the bright Bletille of Garden Orchid.
purple and white flowers with green leaves in the background
Pleione in pastel pink colour. Maybe your favourite of Garden Orchid?
purple flowers are blooming in the garden
Purple/pink Calanthe variety. #garden
white and purple flowers in a bowl on a table
Pleione of Garden Orchid for #outdoor AND #indoor. Lovely in pots on your kitchen table ©Anthura
various flowers are arranged on a blue board with green stems and white flowers in the center
Still life of a white/yellow garden orchid. ©Anthura
some yellow and orange flowers near a brick wall
I planted one Calanthe plant of Garden Orchid in my garden, after a few years they have become this big. LOVE IT ©Anthura
a white flower with large petals on it
Get the winter wonderland look with this ''snow white'' Regina ©Anthura
many different types of flowers in a garden
Colourful garden with Calanthe. My Garden Orchid favourite ©Anthura #garden
a pink flower with green leaves in the background
These pink Cypripedium has a unique colour ©Anthura #garden
several potted plants on top of a wooden table with gardening utensils and gloves
Shiny yellow outdoor orchids that colour up your garden ©Anthura #Calanthe #yellow #terracotta
a purple flower with green leaves on it
Extraordinary eye-catcher in your own garden ©Anthura #KentuckyPink
the flowers are blooming in the garden
Gorgeous pink Cypripedium, stands out during spring ©Anthura