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Papua New Guinea Chieftan Ceremonial Tribal Breast Plate with mounted Bird of Paradise. Woven with seeds and yellow braided material, decorated with white fur, boar tusks and cassowary feathers. H 20 1/2" x W 9" without feathers


Papua New Guinea Tribal Wood Shield board with raised figural and geometric decoration H 26" x W 11"


An old Punu mask; Punu or related peoples, Gabon and Congo-Brazzaville; Ogowe River complex. The mask with high sugar-bun coif, and rounded female face with swollen eyes. The surface appears to have been stained in various colors of black and reds over its long period of traditional use. Fine aged surface. Provenance: A private NY collection. H. 12 1/2"


Papua New Guinea; Namu Tribe carved hardwood Garra figure with large painted red eyes and cassowary feathers and leather ornamentation. H 6 1/4" x W 2 3/4" without feathers. Chip to one heel.

Two Papua New Guinea; Asmat People Pacific Island carved shell nosepieces. H 3 1/2" x W 6"

Maori; New Zealand carved war club with jade ax or scraper.

Three Asmat tribal bone daggers; Papua New Guinea beaded and painted woven tops with fiber ornamentation. H 15" x W 2 3/4"

Papua New Guinea; large and detailed bas relief wood carving Kambot story board decoration. H 34" x W 14"

A Tall Floor Standing Bongo memorial figure;Sudan; 4'8". The large eroded figure made from African mahogany, with elongated body and small rounded head with inset aluminum eyes. Areas of burning, consistent with Bongo cultural traditions of farming that cause brush-fires that often burn the surfaces of the older figures in the field. Fine old surface. Rare and powerful. Provenance: A private NY collection. H. 56 1/2"

Papua New Guinea; Sepik River split-leg female figure carving; polychrome with shell and fiber ornamentation. H 15" x W 23"