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zeroing: “ Paul Hollingworth has created a fine project entitled, “Artificial Anatomy,” which aims to engage with our understanding of volume, surface and texture.

grim reaper

"The One, the only Grim Reaper--maybe his face looks dark and scary until we are ready to pass on and then it changes to something kind." Lucy Slinky (the quotes part) photo provided by David Thomas

Spider web image by jzak3343 - awesome on the shoulder

Although they are commonly portrayed in the wrong way, spider web tattoos are still a popular tattoo choice. Spider web tattoos are classified as an old school tattoo design. Even though the spider web tattoo represents negative elements, it can.

Skull Tattoo. Nice shading. If I ever have a near death experience, I'm getting this done.

Skull tattoos for guys are probably one of the most popular subjects when it comes to tattooing. Check out the best skull tattoo gallery.