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many seashells are sitting on the table together, some have candles in them
Schelpenkransjes voor schelpen en lontjes gaat u naar Goedkoop-bloemschikken. Foto geplaatst door goedkpbloemschikken op
someone is doing something with their fingers
Dia dos Namorados DIY: 50 ideias do que dar de presente com passo a passo | Fashion Bubbles
two handmade name tags with tassels and beads
DIY fête des mères / pères : un marque-page brodé
two pictures with different items on them, one is made out of popsicle sticks and the other has an earring holder
Diy porte-bijoux pour la fête des mères #wesco
a cloth bag with buttons and letters on it
DIY - Cadeaux rapides à faire - Viny DIY, le blog de tutoriels et patrons couture et DIY.