Antoinette van Beers

Antoinette van Beers

Antoinette van Beers
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(REPETITION) I love architectural photography that shows repetitive patterns with perspective or distorted space. Wish the photographer had cropped/framed this image just a little more to have the light meet the top left corner.

This is a tempera painting of Greek Ionic architecture done in a monochromatic color scheme. No real reason behind it except it was an assignment for my art class :)

This one caught my eye since Ive studied Greek architecture before (art history class). I like the sleek touch of the artist, especially since mine is really heavy. this was done in tempura, a high school project.

Greek architecture

This is actually probably more of a lighting note, but I wonder if we have "columns" as our staircase railing, that we might be able to send light through them like this.