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65 Great Sleeve Tattoos Arm Tattoos // Ink Inspiration - art inspiration for embroidery! @Annie Keller

YESSSS a sleeve that isn't all one thing. Random stuff, not all one theme, just similar style! 65 Great Sleeve Tattoos Arm Tattoos // Ink Inspiration - art inspiration for embroidery!


time flies- This would be an amazing tattoo idea!

50 Awesome Tattoo Designs for Women |

Beautiful cross tattoo I love the Placement

Perhaps another sleeve tattoo? My left arm looks a little empty ;)

Cover up idea. Antique bird cage with the bird free on top but i want the door open and the victorian style ink cross speck flowers. the cover up would be in the flowers on the top left and this would be a full side peace. but i really like the idea.

North, always head to where your going. No other direction matters until you reach it.

Map Compass Rose by Coscomomo such a cool tat idea

Compass tattoo

Wall Mural „compass, rose, map - wind roses - nautical compass vector grunge collection” ✓ Easy Installation ✓ 365 Day Money Back Guarantee ✓ Browse other patterns from this collection!

This compass incorporated into the quote, "go confidently in the direction of your dreams. " placement I also like

Mother child tattoo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ MM sez: I am not into tats - But I think this is just so clever and incredibly beautiful! I absolutely the idea of a compass.

LOVE the side of the wrist placement, might have to be my next to DO LIST! :)

wrist placement* 50 Cute Small Wrist Tattoos For Girls

neck and back tattoo. Love the placement

The Best Compass Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Images with meaning and drawings. Compass tattoos inspirations are beautiful for the forearm, wrist or back.

Really thinking about getting a compass tattoo with an arrow ;)

Really want to get a compass on my shoulder. next tat? like the first one in the top left corner