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Trust Me, I

Beautiful Coffee table

Broken Plastic Gear Repair - simple obvious - will not always be applicable but useful. Major need is a repair epoxy like the "Plastic Steel" he uses.

With many things in life, you get what you pay for and watches are certainly no exception. Although, you also don’t need to sell a kidney to get a decent set of wrist-wear. After we looked into how watch technology has evolved, we scoured the universe for some of our favourites in this list of 50 best watches under $500. While these …

Pyramid Planter - Gardening Club - Scout

Supercoup NR1 Nibbler Shears

Fun Sea-Saw Rocker Float

<b>Do you like fun?</b> Then this stuff is for you.

YEAH BABY!!!! A Dewalt-M16 Nail Gun! Great idea for the tool man!

Dewalt is coming out with a new shear attachment that works with most drills and impact drivers.