Papier-Mache DINOSAURS how to directions! I might do monsters so the kids have more freedom in their design.

Papier-Mache DINOSAURS might be a fun one for parents to make and then take home for children to paint (include paints and brushes?

6 New Chestnut, Acorn and Plasticine IDEAS

6 New Chestnut, Acorn and Plasticine IDEAS. Easy and fun for kids and for us!

Knutselen met wc-rolletjes

20 TP Roll Crafts (yes, even more

Your little race car driver will love making these toilet paper tube cars.and racing them! So fun for a DIY kids craft project!

tak versierd met verschillende materialen op canvas.

Arts and Crafts Tree Design. Glue real sticks onto canvas, then glue/modge podge fun things for leaves.