20 Simple Tricks To Make Spring Cleaning So Much Easier - very resourceful! [[#20 is my favorite lol]]

20 Simple Tricks To Make Spring Cleaning So Much Easier

20 Simple Tricks To Make Spring Cleaning So Much Easier - Spring cleaning can be both hectic and a hassle for anyone. I’ve never been fond of cleaning chores in general, especially in such high volume, so I’m glad I found this.

Storage ideas

This is a fabulous storage solution for your shoes. Instead of letting your shoes clutter up your entrance way or take up valuable closet space try this out. Transform some stair steps into a shoe drawer.

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Stuffed Animal Zoo- give the kids a hat with 'Zoo keeper'.And let the Zoo keeper clean up ;-) Needed this 20 years ago when my mom sent my 3 kids over 101 stuffed animals until I put a stop to it!

Bind een aantal pvc pijpen bij elkaar met een spanband en klaar is je schoenenkast!

Drain Pipe Shoe Rack by Jost. Maybe a good solution to the dozens of shoes I have in my house!

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Stack-able storage! I'm so going to make this out of old soup cans and use at my desk or at the writing center. This would be perfect in the writing center!

Dirty keyboard? Clear tape is the answer. | Community Post: 20 Creative Office Hacks That Will Improve Your Working Environment.

Transparent tape used to clean keyboard Make cleaning your computer keys simple: Slide a strip of tape between the rows of your keyboard. The adhesive side will remove dust and crumbs. Cleaning Tips and Tricks Life Hacks

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Ao lado do sofá, a bobina de madeira pintada de azul atua como mesa lateral. Casa do arquiteto Mauricio Karam

14 Do-able Denim Crafts {repurpose}

Denim Pocket Organizer -- ~ A great way to take random items and turn them into something functional. These denim pocket organizers are perfect for craft/school supplies, makeup or even sewing items.

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10 DIY Storage Ideas to Help Corral Kids' Clutter.Several very doable ideas! I LOVE the bucket/basket on the rope & pulley system.it is so cool looking and a genius space saving design.how fun would that be to clean your room!