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Meer ideeën van appleeaterx~

Nagi no askukara, Manaka Mukaido... crying sob sob ;-;

16 Easter treats to make with your kids

Cutest. Snack. Ever. (And easiest, too!) All you need are hard-boiled eggs, sesame seeds and a bit of carrot to make mama chick and her chickettes. Originally from The Manga Cookbook and adorably executed on justJENN recipes, we love that this treat works great as an Easter season breakfast or snack.

Patrick being patrick

Oreo Pops..... I think kids would love these! And you could decorate them a million different ways like you can cake pops :)

Morello Cherry Hand Pies

A classic American pie flavor in a cute and convenient shape!

Baked Tandoori Chicken - Creole Contessa

seal bento!!! maybe substitute eggs for meat?

pale blue Mamegoma baby seals A4 plastic file folder

Ao Haru Ride i loved this part!