Vertical Vegetable Gardens

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April Mitchell-Edmonds

Thing You Must Plant This Instant: Cucamelons

They're grape-sized watermelons that taste like cucumbers with a tinge of lime. And they're totally easy to grow.

How to Grow Vanilla Beans: Vanilla Bean Plant Info

Love the intoxicating scent of vanilla beans and want to learn how to grow vanilla beans? You've come to the right place! The Vanilla bean plant, Vanilla planifolia, is a climbing orchid that is native to Mexico and is actually the only member of the orchid family that is edible. These vines can grow as big as 300 feet, but, when grown in a smaller space, can be managed to about 20 feet. For the vine to flower, it does need to be at least 10 feet in length, which will take about 5-6 years…

Cucumber Trellis for Under $20

Unfortunately, i didn't get the step by step pictures of this project but I think you can kind of make it out. Since these pictures, I had to take my little Urb…

4 DIY Vegetable Garden Trellises

Get those vegetables off the ground with these 4 simple DIY trellis projects.

Staking Vegetables

Vegetable plants, particularly tomatoes, need some extra support to grow properly. Learn all about staking vegetable plants at HowStuffWorks.

Stackable mushroom grow tower

We started growing these a few years back and we improved on the system to make it accessible to almost all homesteaders whether city or rur...

Annual cycle of the grapevine, and vineyard management calendar

Vineyard management calendar based on the annual cycle of the grapevine for Northern hemisphere.

Garden Doodle Sheets

During this busy (and sometimes stressful) holiday season it's nice to have a relaxing activity. Something I enjoy is doodling garden ideas with a simple pen on paper. I love exploring different combinations of plant symbols, ground textures and hardscape materials to create a mult

The Wine Wankers 🍾🤛🎉🥂 on Twitter

“The leaves of grape vines are so varied! #wine”


thelesbian-lovenest: “ Blackberries ready to pick ..god this picture is aesthetic as heck ”

Helpful Gardening Tips Blooming Now - Simple Garden Ideas

Whether you wish to transform the general appearance of your house, whether you merely have no space outdoors, or whether you just want to delight in the ambiance of garden foliage throughout the year, you need to find the absolute best plants for your indoor garden. I will assist you out if you desire a low upkeep plant and/ or plants. Does your neighbor’s side from the fence? You might believe that your neighbors possess some top-secret formula for the beautiful yard that no one else knows…

Matt Smalls Blue Barrel Fermentation Tek | Archer's Mushrooms

I Think Matt Has Proven To The Mushroom Community That This Is A Really Easy Tek That Anyone Can Do. It Produces Numerous, Healthy Mushrooms And Cost Nearly Nothing Since His Contaminated Jars And Spent Blocks Were All Destined For The Compost Heap Anyway.


Grow Okra in containers from seeds.

You can also start seeds of okra in full summer because okra loves sunlight.

Grow Your Own Fresh Food Year-Round | Tower Garden

Tower Garden is an aeroponic growing system that provides an easy way to grow fresh, healthy produce at home - indoors or out, year-round.

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