Love wild horses!!

This is an absolutely beautiful pic of white horses galloping through the ocean. I am reminded that when Roman generals proclaimed victory over a battle -- the symbol was to ride onto the battlefield on a white horse.

Draft horses....

Belgium Draft Horses - one of the strongest horse working breeds - not truly wild animals - but not sure where else to pins these stunning animals.

Run wild

We've seen animal photography here at Abduzeedo before, but only a few are as stunning as these pictures of horses by photographer Wojtek Kwiatkowski. The beauty of these really fit the strength of these beautiful animals.


"Courage, wisdom born of insight and humility, empathy born of compassion and love, all can be bequeathed by a horse to his rider.

If your walking on the beach and hear a whinny make sure you look you might miss something


Artist Chris Cummings Unframed wild Horses Picture Break Away |

Chris Cummings Break Away

Camargue Wild Horses, Camargue Nature Park, France.  Photograph by Marco Carmassi.

I rode a (tame) white horse in the Camargue when I was there in I went to Arles one weekend while was studying French in Nice. Wild beauties: The wild Camargue horses galloped through water in the marshes in Southern France

The Belgian horse or Belgian draft horse, also known as Belgian Heavy Horse, Brabançon, or Brabant, is a draft horse breed from the Brabant region of modern Belgium. It is one of the strongest of the heavy breeds. Belgians are still used as working animals, but have also become popular as show horses, and pleasure riding horses.

After World War II the Brabant was bred in Europe to be thicker bodied and more drafty, with heavy feathering on the legs, while in the United States the Belgian was bred to be taller, lighter bodied and clean legged.

belgisch trekpaard

Like all the best heavy draft breeds: gentle, tractable, patient, immensely strong, great stamina and precision over rough difficult ground where mechanize farming doesn't work well.

belgische zware trekpaard

Belgian draft horse - I think I need one of these bad boys! Look at that muscle!