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an aerial view of a circular garden in the middle of a road with cars driving on it
20 Beautiful Indian Cities You Won't Believe Have Their Own Special Nicknames
a drawing of an intersection with multiple lanes and arrows on the center, in black and white
Turbo roundabout
an intersection is shown with the name and description in each section, as well as other parts
Roundabouts - Technical Summary
Diagram of a roundabout with highlighted design features, including a dedicated entry lane with an entrance line, a truck apron around a central island, a landscape buffer, a circulatory roadway, splitter islands separating entry and exit lanes that feature accessible pedestrian crossings, and an inscribed circle diameter.
an aerial view of a street intersection with cars
the plan for an urban park in la nueva plaza circular
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an aerial view of a roundabout in the middle of a city
an intersection with three lanes and two circles on the same street, as shown in this diagram
Bogie Roundabout
A constant source of entertainment
a traffic circle diagram with instructions for roundabouts and roadway lanes, including the intersection
an aerial view of a city intersection with traffic
Circular Pedestrian Bridge China
Circular Pedestrian Bridge China
an aerial view of a highway intersection with multiple lanes
Pinavia interchange
Pinavia interchange - New unique high capacity two-level road interchange without intersecting traffic flows and only four small overpasses - newly patented invention (inventor - Stanislovas Buteliauskas), no existing prototypes yet. The visualization of western Vilnius bypass, Lithuania
an aerial view of a roundabout with a statue in the middle
10 lindas fotos de Managua
learning the names and rules of the landmark rotondas was key to navigating. here is the rotonda del cristo rey.
a diagram showing the intersection of two intersecting roads with different markings and directions on it
Florida DOT - Diagram highlighting the design features of a mini-roundabout.
four different types of metal railings
Highway interchanges