Een doos vol met doppen en daartussen enkele letters of cijfers verstopt. Fijne oefening voor kinderen die graag met hun vingers aan alles willen voelen! (gespot op Amerikaanse Pinterest-site)

I love the recycled lids activities! Number match sensory bin with collected lids - could hid any kind of objects in with the lids!

Melkdopjes met nummer op. Rol met dobbelsteen en duid zo snel mogelijk de cijfers aan.

Milk cap math game for basic +/-/x/division practice - MADS Elimination. Multiply, Add, Divide, or Subtract in order to eliminate all milk caps on the playing field.

What number is missing? A great independent activity!

What number is missing? A great independent activity! Could even use dry erase markers in the place of the physical numbers.

shapes cards

5 fun DiY for kids The weekend is coming (yay!) It’s time to fun family times. How about building a fort? Maybe you prefer make a memory game or create an instrument. Here are 5 fun DiY for kids made.

Snowman Themed Number Bonds

Snowman themed number bond printables for numbers to Includes a sheet for identifying the missing part as well as missing whole.