Perfect for Valentines day breakfast

Bacon Hearts -Morning of Anniversary or Birthday etc. Bacon Hearts, such a fun twist for breakfast. - 18 min or so. Love my bacon! Or valentines day!

toilet paper tube hearts

Toilet Paper Tube & Potato Stamp Valentine’s Day cards

toilet paper roll heart stamps - perfect for homemade valentine's day cards from your toddler! Just bend the toilet paper roll into a heart shape, tape to secure, dip in paint, and decorate!

Very cool idea for the classroom party this year;)  Lollipop Valentines: Easy Valentine's Day Classroom Craft | Online Coupons & Savings

Lollipop Valentines: Easy Valentine's Day Classroom Craft Want a creative, easy, yet super-frugal idea for your child's classroom Valentines this

Awesome Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids. My 6, 4, and 2-year-old LOVE these!

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

February 14 is just around the corner! We have plenty of ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. Decorate the house, send valentines to those you love, and have a good time!

Have a super valentines day

There's no shortage of valentines crafts online, but many are too fluffy and frilly for boys to embrace. Yet class valentines are a tradition -- sometimes a requirement -- for boys as well as girls. Here, some fun homemade valentine card ideas that.