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the shadow of a clock on a checkered floor
patterns... lights and shadows
a painting of people playing chess on a checkered board
Chess by Vladimir Kush
Chess. Vladimir Kush
two hands playing chess on a black and white checkered board with strings attached to them
Surreal Paintings by Mihai Criste | Art and Design
two men playing chess in front of an open book
Book Art by Jonathan Wolstenholme
Book Art by Jonathan Wolstenholme
someone is holding up a piece of paper with an elephant in the middle of it
Gift Republic - More than a Gift
Amazingly Creative Drawing Vs Photography | Creative cool stuff | Spinninghat.comCreative cool stuff | Spinninghat.com
a painting of a chess board with the ocean in the background
World Paintings
I would love to own... Big chess player! Paul Jonkers (b.1951) - End Game, c.2007, oil on canvas, private collection.