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three pictures of a woman wearing a red and beige knitted shawl with buttons
Knitting Pattern for Easy Convertible Garter Vest – Easy versatile vest with but… – 2019 - Yarn ideas
a person wrapped in a blue blanket with their hand on the back of it,
10 разных классных моделей, связанных простой гладью
10 разных классных моделей, связанных простой гладью
a woman wearing a gray jacket and white top is holding something in her right hand
Knitting Inspiration ~ this would be so easy to knit ... Long Sleeves Cotton Shrug Bolero / Poncho
a piece of cloth that has been folded in half on a white tablecloth background
Short Row Sweater
As a young child, I remember my wonderfully elegant grandmother wearing her cardigans backwards with the first couple of buttons undone, creating a soft V dipping down from her shoulders. As an adult I turn to her back-revealing style still, as I love wearing her summer frocks from the 50s with cutouts that reveal the small of my back. The Short Row Sweater is my autumn ode to the grace and distinction of a bit of bare back. Knit in one piece, this wrap of a sweater is a half moon shape, fol...
a close up of a person's sweater and skirt
Discover 10 Fresh Knitting Stitches! - En.Mardingezituru.com
the knitting needle is being used to knit
How to add width to finished knits
Bear in mind that any width added to the body will also need to be added to the sleeve (and vice versa) in order for the sleeve cap to fit in to the armhole.