Sassanid Military History

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Paygan and light infantry

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Heavy Infantry

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Sogdian infantry

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Light cavalry

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Heavy cavalry

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Early Sassanid cataphract

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Sogdian Medium Cavalry

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Sogdian Heavy cavalry

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War elephants

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Noblemen and Generals

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several images of statues and symbols in black and white
Sassanid nobles
three soldiers riding on the backs of horses in front of an image of another soldier
Sassanid nobles
three statues of people standing next to each other in front of a seal on a black background
Sassanid nobles
some statues are standing next to each other
Sassanid nobles
a white statue is standing with his arms crossed in front of him and the words, what do you think?
Sassanid nobles
the statue is standing with his arms crossed and wearing a headdress on it
Sassanid nobles
an image of a statue that is in the dark
a white statue is standing with his hand up in the air and wearing a hat
a white statue is standing in the dark
Sassanid nobles
a statue of a woman holding a fan in her hand and wearing a white dress
Sassanid nobles
a bunch of people that are standing in front of a tower with armor on it
Sassanid hierarchy
a blue and red costume is shown on a black background with the caption sasanan riding coat
Sassanid riding coat
a black and gold object with the words kuvnukk helmet on it
Sassanid helmet