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a book cover with an image of two horses and the words learn to create movement in art
How To Create Movement in Art
Learn all about how to create a sense of movement in your painting! In the article I share about the different kinds of movement found in art and ways that you can create the illusion of movement in your own work. Click the link to learn more
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a piece of paper with the words what are standard canvass for painting?
Standard Canvas Sizes for Painting: How to Choose the Perfect Fit
✨ 🖼 Save this comprehensive guide for easy reference on standard canvas sizes for painting and selecting the ideal fit for your art👩‍🎨 #Artists #CanvasSizes
a painting with the words how to create paintings with dark hues
An Artists Guide to Dark Value (Low Key) Paintings
👩‍🎨 As artists, we are often drawn to light and color. However, have you ever explored the wonder of painting with primarily dark values? These paintings, also known as low key paintings, can be mysterious, intriguing, and hold a certain power that brighter paintings can’t evoke. Though perhaps not as popular as high key paintings, low key paintings have captured the hearts of many artists for centuries. In this article, we’ll explore what low key (dark value) paintings are and why they’re important. In addition, you learn about their presence in art history and how you can create your own low key masterpiece! ⚫️ ✨ 🖼
a book cover with an image of a boat in the water and words that read mastering the art of high key painting
How to Master the Art of High Key Painting and Use of Light Values
When it comes to painting (and drawing), there exists a broad spectrum of values to explore and work with. However, for a more refined approach, one can narrow down their focus to a specific range. Today, our attention will be directed towards high key values, and how they can be masterfully applied to create a painting that is “high key”. In this article, we will explore what high key values in painting are, what makes them unique, and how you can apply them to your own work. #highkeypainting #paintingwithvalues
a poster with the words what is color value in art? on it and an image of a multicolored striped background
Understanding Color Value in Art: How to See Values in Color
🎨 Color is an undeniable key for artists and painters. But mastering color value proves to be a challenging aspect! 🤔 Artists face difficulties in creating compelling paintings without a solid grasp of values in color. Missing this crucial skill can result in flat and uninspiring artwork that lacks depth, dimension, and a realistic sense of light. Let's explore the wonders of color together! ✨ #ColorValue #ValuesInColor
an image of a woman's face with the title how to create an underpainting art studio life
The Importance of an Underpainting and How to Create Your Own
Have you ever encountered the term “underpainting” and wondered about its significance? Whether it’s an essential technique for every painting to incorporate? And how does it impact the final outcome? In this article, we’ll explore all of these questions and more. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of what an underpainting is and what the best approach is for you to use when creating your own!
a bird sitting on top of a painting with the words, what are pearlescent colors in painting?
How to Make Your Painting Look Pearlescent
Have you ever admired a pearl and the way it reflects light, giving off a lustrous and pure glow? You can replicate this captivating allure in your artwork by harnessing the subtle beauty of pearlescent colors. In this article, we’ll explore pearlescent colors: what they are, how they’re used, and tips for creating your own color mixtures.
two pictures with the words how to develop your painting process and elevate your art
The Painting Process: How to Master Your Own and Elevate Your Art
In this article, we will explore the significance of having a painting process that you can rely on and the key elements that make up the process of painting. Moreover, you’ll discover how to incorporate these steps into your own painting, allowing you to enhance your art and take it to new heights!👩‍🎨
a woman painting on an easel with the words, what you need to remember art studio
Painting from a Photo: 5 Things You Need to Know
Painting from a photo is a controversial topic in the world of art. Some artists argue that it is wrong to paint from a photograph and that only painting from observation can produce truly compelling works of art. Others, on the other hand, argue that painting from a picture can be a powerful tool for artists and can only be beneficial. Delve deeper into this topic and explore 5 things you should know about how to paint from a photo!
a book cover with an image of a woman's face and words that read, valves in a painting art studio life
How to Simplify Values in Your Painting
Simplifying what you see is one of the most foundational and important things you can do for your painting and drawing. It is all about breaking down what you see into clear and simple light and dark values. This article will take you through the keys, to continually learning how to simplify how you see!
an old man's face with the words, how to see as an artist
Painting What You See: How to Develop Your Eye as an Artist
One of my favorite aspects of painting is that it broadens my view of the world more than anything else. This is because I continually try to get outside of my own mind by observing and painting what I see. Thanks to the painting fundamentals, instead of just being confined to my own ideas, I can step back and look at the world around me in terms of shapes of light and color. This is all part of the process of developing the eyes of an artist!
someone is painting an image with text that reads cotton or linen canvas? art studio life
Linen vs Cotton: Discover the Benefits of Painting on Linen vs Cotton Canvas
When painting on canvas the material of the surface you use is just as important as the paints you choose. It heavily influences the overall look and feel of your painting − as different surfaces interact very differently with paint. Canvas, is a timeless choice to use as a painting surface. However, not all canvas is created equal... Learn all about what canvas is best to create archival and lasting paintings with.
how to mix reds with color mixing chart for art studio life by the artist
How to Mix Reds
Learn how to mix different shades of red. View lots of different color charts to help you understand color mixing and how red works.
a person painting on an easel with text overlay that reads how to mix earth tones art studio life
Color Mixing Earth Tones [Guide] What are Earth Tone Colors?
Discover important tips for mixing earth tones and how to best use them for your painting👩‍🎨 You can mix a whole range of different shades of colors − such as earthy greens, browns, reds and more… utilizing the earth tones (as well as others) we are focused on creating in the article here ≫
the title for painting with earth tones color mixing tips, featuring an image of houses
How to Mix Earth Tone Colors for Your Painting
Learn how to easily mix your own earth tones for your painting👩‍🎨 All you need is a basic understanding of color theory and a few supplies.🎨 You can mix a whole range of different shades of colors − such as earthy greens, browns, reds and more… utilizing the earth tones (as well as others) we are focused on creating in the article here ≫