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a green monster with big eyes and large teeth, wearing a blue hat that says monsters on it's forehead
Monsters University
Characters | Monsters University | Disney Movies
a purple and green dress with an eyeball in the shape of a woman's head
three plates stacked on top of each other with twigs sticking out of the rims
Barbed Wire, Rusty Knives, and Found Objects Mend Artist Glen Taylor’s Broken Porcelain
a sculpture of a dog made out of assorted items
a blue and green globe with two clocks on it's sides next to a radio
KitchyBots on Etsy
a ceramic tile with an image of a fish and bubbles on it's surface
by Christina A Kapono from
fish relief -on canvas boards with glue, found objects, metallic and cool color paints rubbed over dry piece.
an intricately carved wooden panel with many different shapes and sizes on the sides, in grey tones
Monumental Pair of Wall Sculptures after Louise Nevelson
Louise Nevelson Assemblage | Monumental Pair of Wall Sculptures after Louise Nevelson at 1stdibs
four black and white images of different shapes in the shape of squares, rectangles, and circles
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United Art and Education Art Project: This wood relief project was inspired by American sculptor Louise Nevelson.
a wooden box filled with lots of different types of items in it's display case - Shop for over 300,000 Premium Domains
Found Object Art Lesson Plan
a gold piece of art hanging on the wall
In the Studio: Welcome to the Art Show!
a black and white photo of an abstract sculpture with geometric shapes on it's sides
Louise Nevelson (american, 1899 1988) City Sunscape, 19
Louise Nevelson, City-Sunscape, 1979, edition of 150, Polyester resin multiple painted black.