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an intricate drawing with blue and white colors
Zendoodle abstract flowers, handdrawing, Viktoriya Crichton, Ukraine.
Zentangle art, Viktoriya Crichton_Ukraine, handmade, zentangle flowers, abstract, graphic, zenart, zendoodles, black-blue, handdrawing, abstractgraphick, doodleart, doodle flowers blue, zentangling, zentangle inspired, design, liner
three white leaves on a black background
an image of a coloring book with markers on the table next to it and some pens
SAKURA Glaze 3D Ink Pen - 3D Ink Pen for Lettering, Drawing, Ornaments, & More - Assorted Colored Ink - 10 Pack
an open notebook with black and white designs on it, next to a marker pen
Intricate Doodles and Zentangle Drawings
a book with an ornate design on it sitting on top of a wooden table next to a
Zentangle Drawings Zen Linea
Zentangle Drawings Zen Linea
an intricately designed greeting card on a table
Zentangle Drawings - Zen Linea
a card with flowers and a butterfly on it sitting on top of a wooden table
four cards with designs on them sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
a black and white drawing of a woman's head with feathers on her body
Doodle tree
a drawing of some kind of design on paper
Stars tangle
a woman's hand holding up a drawing of a feather
Draw Goals
an art project with pencils and paper on it, including some pens and markers
Ratoon and Baton — Eni Oken
Blog — Eni Oken
the letter s is made up of beads and flowers on a piece of white paper
Diva Challenge # 226
an artistic drawing with colored pencils and watercolor paints on black paper, depicting a tree
an artistically designed piece of artwork on a table top with wood grain background and black paper
Zentangle Drawings - Zen Linea
three cards with different designs on them sitting next to each other in front of a black background
an envelope with a blue and green floral design on it, sitting next to a piece of brown paper
Zentangle's Project Pack #08
an artistic drawing of some balls on a piece of paper
Sonya Yencer, zentangle
someone is drawing something with black and white pencils on the same piece of paper
Shading Black Tiles Lesson — Eni Oken
a drawing of purple and yellow flowers on a black background with white circles in the center
Zen fl
a spiral notebook with an abstract design and yellow star on the front, surrounded by smaller white stars
a green pen sitting on top of a white paper next to a drawing of a tree
a black and white drawing on top of a piece of paper next to marker pens
an ink drawing of a plant with lots of bubbles on it's leaves and branches
a person is drawing on paper with a marker
8 Tips for Managing Stress - Society19
Zentangle Inspired Drawings