Creative JumpStart 2018 projects

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Day 31 - The Last Hurrah! Earrings, Stud Earrings, Jewellery, Fashion, Jewelry, Jumpstart, Projects, Creative, Stud
Day 31 - The Last Hurrah!
an altered photograph of a man's face on a piece of paper with other images
Day 30 - Mixed Media Angels
a child's handmade recipe for liverer soup is displayed on a piece of paper
Day 29 - Leftover Soup Recipe
a painting with blue and white designs on it
Day 28 - Caught Up
a painting with leaves and flowers on it
Day 27 - Releaf
an abstract painting with lots of different colors
Day 26 - looking up
an art project with flowers and butterflies painted on paper
Day 25 - Simple Hot Glue Flowers
an art project with different colors of paint and text that says texture culpard
Day 24 - Texture Cupboard
an altered photograph of three people standing next to each other with words written on them
Day 22 - Learning from Failure
a drawing of a house with trees and mountains in the backgroung area
Day 21 - Our House
four books are arranged in the shape of an open book on a table with other children's books
Day 20 - Tiny Pleasures
a piece of art that has been altered to look like a heart
Day 19 - Faux Rust
two pictures with black and white designs on them
Day 18 - Testing 3 very cool techniques
four cards with words and pictures on them, all decorated in different colors to match the theme
Day 16 - greeting cards