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several drops of water sitting on top of a yellow surface
Vier creatieve foto ideeën om thuis te proberen
a woman holding a camera in her hands with the caption leer better foto's maken
Ontwikkel de fotograaf in jou met de fotografielessen op Vink Academy
some type of text that is written in different languages
11 Fotografie-spiekbriefjes
Handig als je je kinderen gaat fotograferen.
an image of a digital camera with two buttons
Beginning Photography lesson: Exposure Compensation
This camera trick will have you taking pictures like a pro.
a dandelion with the words macro photography tips for beginners
two soccer players are standing on the field with their hands in their pockets and looking down
Sports photography–state soccer game
Sports Photography tips to help take better photos of your kids playing sports. Great ideas for better action photos and how to capture the full story of their sports activities.
a camera sitting on top of a wooden bench with the words 10x fototips
10x fototips: Je fotografie skills verbeteren
10x fototips - Je fotografie skills verbeteren deze zomer - Fotografille
black and white images with different colors
Photography lesson: Tips for mastering black and white photography - Fat Mum Slim
Brought to you by Olympus OM-D E-M10. Hello you photo-taker! Each month of this year I’ll be sharing tips and tricks for photography techniques. If you’re playing along with photo a day, you’ll notice that each month I’ll include a photography prompt. This prompt is included so it can help us stretch and grow and... Read More
two camera lens sitting on top of a table next to the words warom ledere fotograafen 50mm lens
Waarom elke fotograaf een 50mm lens moet hebben
Een 50mm lens is een veelzijdig objectief. In dit artikel lees je de 8 redenen waarom ook jij een 50mm lens moet kopen, zoals de geweldige prijs/kwaliteit verhouding.
three different pictures of a young boy with red hair and blue eyes, one is smiling
Belichting checken? Check het histogram! • Vink Academy
Belichting checken? Check het histogram! (via Vink Academy - Fotografielessen van Laura Vink)
the night sky is shown in this graphic art work, which shows how it looks like
Stargazing in the Outdoors: Getting Away From Light Pollution
a flyer with photos and text that says shutter speed
Photography Tips | Shutter Speed Cheat Sheet | A handy guide for helping you determine how to set your shutter speed.