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a wind chime hanging from the side of a tree next to another wind chime
Spiral Sun Catchers
spiral sun catchers, crafts
the rainbow suncather is made with glass beads
Hand-Beaded Rainbow Suncatcher Craft
Making a pony bead and prism suncatcher is a fun fine motor activity for kids and adults of all ages. Suncatchers made out of beads in a rainbow of colors are lovely home decor to hang in a window and enjoy. The prism will cast beautiful rainbows all over the room when the sun hits it. These would make a great decoration or favor idea for a rainbow birthday party. This DIY craft project also makes a wonderful gift idea for Christmas, birthdays or any other occasion!
a colorful suncather craft made out of glass beads with text overlay that reads, kids's suncather craft
Suncatcher Craft
This kids suncatcher craft looks great hanging outdoors and also serves as a deterrent to keep birds away from your seeds and plants. ad #Wevegotyoucovered #BlueLizardSun
a pink card with a string attached to it and a white bead on the end
To create the threading template puncture holes in various shapes or patterns. For thread use yarn or ribbon. And for a needle wrap a s...
a red thread on top of a white surface with holes in the middle and black dots around it
Post inspiratie voor Valentijnsdag / Vriendschapsdag - Postfabriek
Naald door het hart
a candle that is sitting on top of a glass plate
Knutsel je mee? - Waxine-roos
four pictures of different shapes and sizes of hearts
Recente artikelen - pagina 126
Decoratiehart maken van karton en wol. Ook leuk om te maken in grijs (landelijke stijl)
several different types of yarn and wood heart wreaths with text overlay that says wool heart wreath
Simple Stylish Easy Yarn Heart Decorations
A Simply stylish heart wreath using yarn or wool
two pictures with buttons on them, one has a cup and the other has a jar
Kinderen en knutselen, de leukste ideeen - Mama Weetjes
a white vase with shells on it sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall
DIY; knutselen met potjes » Fulltime
knutselen met potjes