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some white feathers are being used to make a diy project for someone's room
10 Low Budget DIY Home Decoration Projects
10 Low Budget DIY Home Decoration Projects-DIY Chic White Feather Chandelier #DIY, #Crafts
some balls are hanging on the wall and one is pink, white and blue in color
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a bedroom with lights strung from the ceiling and pictures on the wall above the bed
It Seems Your Bedroom Decor Needs Our Help, So Here We Are!
the wall is decorated with pink and gray flowers, frames, and pictures on it
Chevron Flower Canvas Art
a mirror that has flowers on it
10 Ultimate Dorm Decor Necessities - Society19
This would be SO cute for the hallway between the girl's bedrooms! Except I would do the flowers all the way around.
there are two pictures on the wall and one is decorated with lights
5 Delightful Teenage Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Polaroid Wall With String Lights | 24 DIY Teenage Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas
the ceiling fan has glitter on it and is attached to the wall with four blades
DIY Bejeweled Fan. Glue rhinestone on to bottom of fan panel's as easy as that. The way the stones shiny with natural sunlight is unbelievable, must try!
a white frame holding a pink and gray beaded star ornament with pearls
shabby chic decorations little girl room
two pictures of pink and white furniture with tulle skirting on it's legs
How to Make No Sew Tutu Bedskirt - DIY & Crafts - Handimania
I would do this in my bedroom, just not with bright pink tulle. I'd probably do it with white and pale blue and then something with gold in it.
a wind chime hanging from the ceiling with purple and blue flowers on it's sides
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Style File: Winter Wedding Ideas - I really like the Bride's bouquet - I know it's not
the letter d is made out of beads
Ideias de Artesanatos com Pérolas - Artesanato Passo a Passo!
Artesanatos com Pérolas
a lamp that has pearls on it
Abajur | Loja Art Minha - Biscuit | Elo7 Produtos Especiais
Abajur com cúpula revestida em tecido, com pérolas e stras.