Asto Keukens - Leicht - Classic-FS | Ios-M

LEICHT – Modern kitchen design for contemporary living

Asto Keukens - Leicht - Pinta-K | Orlando-K

Asto Keukens - Leicht - Pinta-K

Asto Keukens - Leicht - Orlando-K | Luna-K

With KANTO, LEICHT provides the possibility to create modern, unique and high quality kitchens for an exceptional price. The attractive use of side panels are significant for KANTO and realize more value and design quality, without extra cost.

Asto Keukens - Leicht - Synthia-C | Ceres-C

Inselküche "Synthia C/Ceres C" von Leicht Küchen

Asto Keukens - Leicht

Sophisticated Santos-Palisander from the HIGHLINE programme is combined with the dark brown high gloss lacquered fronts of the LARGO-FG to create breathtaking modern kitchen architecture.

Asto Keukens - Leicht - Ceres | Core-A

Premium LEICHT kitchens that are excellent value for money. Range consists of modern, traditional and individual kitchens.

Asto Keukens - Leicht - Carre-Fs

Leicht cabinets NYC Caree line

Asto Keukens - Leicht - Tamos-Color | Tao

omara v niši

Asto Keukens - Leicht - Calvos

This one is from Oxford Kitchens. I like the Belfast sink and island.

Asto Keukens - Leicht - Elegenace | Elegance-LG

LEICHT kitchens are modern in the best sense of the word.

Asto Keukens - Leicht - Domus-Color

The Luxurious Grey Kitchen Cabinetry With Full Lighting

Asto Keukens - Leicht - Calvos-Fs Calvos-Fs

Red cabinets in kitchen reminiscent of Dorothy Draper

Asto Keukens - Leicht - Largo-FG | Ios-M

Matt glass and glossy lacquer, muted blue-green and light grey, this modern and young colour- and material-combination brings a fresh and refreshing mood into the room. The new retro-design colour "petrol" is used in the LEICHT kitchen "Largo-FS

Asto Keukens - Leicht - Classic-Fs | Frame-H

German Kitchen Cabinet - 2012 Classic FS Frame H

Asto Keukens - Leicht - Classic-Fs | Xylo

Discover all the information about the product Contemporary kitchen / oak / solid wood / island CLASSIC-FS