3 Types of People In Your Life: Who helped you in difficult times. Who left you in difficult times. Who put you in difficult times. Difficult times bring out the true character and colors in people, so start color coordinating the people in your life!

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New year's goals and mottos

Happy New Year friends! We hope that everyone is feeling happy and healthy and ready for Each year Michelle and I have tried to come up with a motto for the year, something to keep us on track and moving forward. Last year we couldn’t make up our

sunglasses and a cute quote - life is better at the beach

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als de lat te hoog ligt kun je er nog altijd onderdoor lopen - Loesje

Loesje, a quote with humor. If the bar is too high, you can always walk underneath it.

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Photo (The Good Vibe)

"Laughing is an dwill always be, the best form of therapy." Words to live by. Nothing feels better than a deep belly laugh.