Ja! Vaak gedaan ...

Cassette tape and pencil -- I remember doing this many times.



pencil rubbings over coins - I did this. along with putting a penny on the train track to make a coin 'medallion' :)

Likkoekjes van Oma

I just to lick all the icing off the cookies first. I guess that is why they call them lik koekjes.

guldens dubbeltjes kwartjes

Dutch coins before the Euro. They were called "guldens, kwartjes, dubbeltjes, stuivers" centen en rijksdaalders

gele en chocoladevla, het toetje op zondag en op je verjaardag kreeg je er ook nog slagroom op.

Tweekleuren vla met slagroom - Chocolate & Vanilla Custard with Whipping Cream