Atlas by Amba Molly

Amba Molly, ATLAS The Nomadisimi exhibit at Altai gallery

ATLAS (2012)  Designer: Amba Molly

Örnsbergsauktionen is an artist operated auction house for studio produced, independent design and craft. Örnsbergsauktionen is created by Kristoffer Sundin, Simon Klenell and Fredrik Paulsen.

Amba Molly

'This Way' Exhibition by Design Academy Eindhoven

Jeske Visser tea pots at ‘This Way’ by Design Academy Eindhoven

April and May: Amba Molly

A peaceful beginning of this new week . Atlas by designer Amba Molly is a visualisation between the world of crafts and industry. Sewing and piecing together bottles and vases using only natural skin tone colors make the Atlas collection.

Amba Molly - Mitose

an products, like people, fertilise each other and grow into something new? Amba Molly has designed a system of moulds based on human cell division.

April and May

April and May: Amba Molly