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King Philip II of Macedon and his legendary son Alexander the Great by Dariusz Bufnal Greek History, Ancient History, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Military Art, Military History, Alexandre Le Grand, Greek Warrior, Alexander The Great
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The King Philip II of Macedon and his son Alexander the Great

cover Breaking War n 15 sources

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Ilustrations and images of the Hellenistic Period. Persian Warrior, Greek Warrior, Greek History, Ancient History, British History, Military Art, Military History, Valhalla, Greek Soldier
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Kataphraktoi! by DamianOswald on DeviantArt

A digital painting I did for myself. It's a depiction of some Bactrian hoplites in battle with a bunch of early Parthian cataphracts, yet not entirely h... Kataphraktoi!

Battle of Corupedium Part of the Wars of the Diadochi Date 281 BC Location Near Sardis Result Decisive Seleucid victory Belligerents Hellenistic Thrace Seleucid Empire Commanders and leaders Lysimachus Seleucus Greek History, Ancient History, Art History, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Military Art, Military History, War Elephant, Punic Wars
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The Seleucid Armies Part II

The battle at Gabiene in 316 took place much earlier in the year than anyone expected. Antigonus realized that Eumenes’ army was scattered around the province. He believed that a sudden march…

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Zvonimir Grbasic. A soldier of the army of Alexander the Great, equipped to force the water barrier.

Изображения по теме "Македония, Фракия и Эллинизм" содержатся также и в других темах в следующих постах: Спойлер (раскрыть) Оспрей МАА №...

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Marek Szyszko. The battle of Hydaspes.

Изображения по теме "Македония, Фракия и Эллинизм" содержатся также и в других темах в следующих постах: Спойлер (раскрыть) Оспрей МАА №...

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