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2 pair 2016 Fashion Gold Silver Punk Simple T Bar Earrings For Women Ear Stud Earrings Fine Jewelry Geometry brincos bijoux 8112 [Affiliate]

Soo Ihn Kim - Jinx cuff

Jinx Cuff

love this in every material----Soo Ihn Kim - Jinx cuff - Twisted metal cuff material appears to be soft yet structured

Babette von Dohnanyi

Great ring fit for a cosmic empress like something out of Moebius's universe by Babette von Dohnanyi.


RIO NEGRO crochet necklace

The Butterfly Box collection is Julia Berg's timeless ever changing, ever evolving, one of a kind crochet jewelry pieces put together creating the idea of rare


"Finger rings 'tisek' are passed between Tuareg women and men as signs of affection. Those with carnelian setting are believed to have the same properties as 'tanfouk' pendants in healing wounds and averting the evil eye." Rings shown here are from Mali.

Aimee Dune

Aime's Dune necklace