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a pink rose frame with the words doannae, azi - mi glasu, dimmeat
a vase filled with purple and white flowers on top of a table next to a sign that says, la muti an femelor crestine
a pink rose sitting on top of a stone vase filled with flowers next to a poem written in spanish
a vase filled with white flowers sitting on top of a black table next to a wall
a woman wearing a white dress and holding a flower in her hand with a quote from the poem
two men sitting at a table in front of a microphone and one is holding his hand out
Astăzi este " o esență rară ,, Fratele Aurel Bălici.
pink roses are sitting on top of an open book with the caption in french
a pink rose frame with the words in spanish, and a butterfly flying over it
a christmas card with holly wreaths and candy canes on the corner, in spanish
a blue flower with snow on it is in the foreground and an inscription below