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an orange wood textured background with no visible lines or markings on the surface,
quarter cut cherry
an image of wood that is very close to the ground and looks like it has been carved
Ash Japanese Tamo Peanut
an image of wood textured in brown and beige tones with some black dots on it
wood grains that are brown in color
Indian Laurel Fiddleback
an orange wooden surface with some writing on it
a close up view of some wood grains
Palisander 26x203cm
Palisander 26x203cm – Hout-Fineer.nl
the surface of an animal skin is brown
Amboyna Burl Dark
a close up view of wood grains
Black Limba (sealed)
an image of wood grains that are brown and black
Malaysian Blackwood
closeup of the wood grains on this piece of furniture that looks like it has been cut in half
an image of wood grain pattern on the surface
African Kevazingo