Keep Your Business Profitable

Technology is pushing progress into the millennium more rapidly than conventional thinking can make or keep your business profitable.

Looking For Self-Love In All The Wrong Places

My depression didn’t permit self-love or good self-esteem. It wanted me to ask for nothing and expect nothing. It made me deaf to the needs of others.

Psycho-therapy: The Need to Knead

Kneading clay is pure therapy; not only for our souls but also for our tired arthritic hands.

Review: Symphony of your Karma

Symphony of your Karma. by Rachel Madorsky Rachel's book is very detailed and she reads more like a sch

Racial Disparities: Is There Hope for America

I am a senior citizen and it is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply. Racial Disparities: Is There Hope for America?

Soul Matters

When was the last time when a show was dedicated to the human soul and the care of it?

The Rembrandt van Rijn Mystique

Ninety times Rembrandt van Rijn asked the question, 'Who is Rembrandt?' And ninety times he answered himself for all the world to see.

Kind People Never Know

To all of you who choose kindness and patience one interaction at a time, I say thank you.

Perception and Memory in Everyday Life

Wearable tech is already being introduced slowly but surely into the world of retail. Can consumers learn to trust and accept this latest tech fad?

Carl Jung's Naked Psyche

As a younger man, Carl Jung spent 16 years in search of his soul and chronicled his journey in thoughts and paintings in Liber Novus, the Red Book.

The Philosophy of Creative Writing (1)

Empirical Magazine: From the Empirical Archives: The Imitator by Alexandra Wilson