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a chicken sitting on top of a tree log
Keeping Chickens Without Free Ranging
a brown chicken standing next to broccoli on top of a wooden floor in front of a wire fence
Remember the Time
Happy Chickens...Great post on keeping chickens from Homestead Revival!
two chickens and one chicken eating lettuce on the ground next to a window
Choosing the healthiest chicken treat for your hens.
Baby chicks playing with a healthy lettuce treat.
two chickens standing in the grass next to a swing bed with swings attached to it
Roses, Chickens, and Bees
two chickens standing next to each other in front of a wire fence with food on it
25 Homemade Healthy Treats For Chickens
Raising chickens is often done as a way to have fresh eggs for cooking. A great way to ensure you have a good supply is to make healthy treats for chickens.
a chicken standing next to an apple in a cage on the grass near a fence
How Many Eggs Do Chickens Lay A Day
Great idea for chickens, mine love apple - and its a good boredom breaker!
a cabbage hanging from a wooden pole in the snow next to a chicken coop door
Chicken Exercise - CITY GIRL FARMING | Sustainable Living for Regular People
Hanging cabbage
four different pictures of an animal with colorful bracelets on it's legs and feet
Chicken Charm Poultry Leg Bands - Free Shipping
Fun way to identify your birds! Charm Leg Bands are enjoyable to see on your feathered friends...
several pictures of different types of birds and animals eating food from feeders, including apples, watermelon, chicken
two chickens standing next to each other on the ground with food hanging from their necks
Chicken Coop - More ideas below: Easy Moveable Small Cheap Pallet chicken coop ideas Simple Large Recycled chicken coop diy Winter chicken coop Backyard designs Mobile chicken coop On Wheels plans Projects How To Build A chicken coop vegetable garden Step By Step Blueprint Raised chicken coop ideas Pvc cute Decor for Nesting Walk In chicken coop ideas Paint backyard Portable chicken coop ideas homemade On A Budget Building a chicken coop does not have to be tricky nor does it have to s...