glow sticks 'n tp tubes for scary decor

A Brilliant Idea to Scare People This Halloween [Pic]

This spooky Halloween prank is perfect if you want to scare people walking by your house that night. You'll need some toilet paper rolls and glow sticks.

Red carpet with Hollywood stars

Create a red carpet for your Hollywood Party. This one's along the Walk of Fame! Walk of Fames names would be guest names!

Fireman Party Ga

Fun, DIY water balloon games for this summer! Swap out an egg for a water balloon for your balloon and spoon race. Keep cool with this fun game this summer with the family.

Hmm...runwayon a roll of packing/craft/ mailing paper...I KNOW there's a fun activity to be done with this...I'm just not sure what yet...

Airplanes Birthday Party Ideas

Boys runway for paper airplanes.runwayon a roll of packing/craft/ mailing paper.I KNOW there's a fun activity to be done with this.

Hollywood Party Ideas for the Oscars - Party City

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