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Wulong Karst, China (three natural bridges park)
Guangxi, China is filled with snaking rivers that all lead to the West River tributary basin.- Little Passports
(Salinas de Maras, Cusco, Peru) Mining Salt in Peru © Denise Bierley
SEVEN COLORS MOUNTAIN - Seven Colors Mountain, Bolivian Altiplano. With Luminous Landscape, Kevin Raber and Art Wolfe. Will be doing this tour next year with Ken Duncan. Contact me if interested in participating in this amazing adventure.
Location: The Rainbow Mountains of Vinicunca Peru.  Photo Credit: @theendlessadventures & @bamorris5 by travelsouthamerica
Bucket List: Valle de la Luna, Bolivia
Cliff Road, Peru
23 places to visit before dying
Norwegen. Den passenden Koffer für eure Reise findet ihr bei uns: https://www.profibag.de/reisegepaeck/