Vermeer Girl With A Pearl Earring A beautiful painting I would love to see for myself one day,

Johannes Vermeer Dutch, Het Meisje met de Parel (Girl with a Pearl Earring), c. 1665 Oil on canvas x 39 cm Mauritshuis, The Royal Picture Gallery The Hague, Netherlands

Are not 2 sparrows sold for a cent?And not one of them will fall to the ground without your Father. Matt. 10:29

Carel Fabritius, The Goldfinch, 1654 Oil on panel Royal Picture Gallery, Mauritshuis, The Hague / at Tokyo Metropolitan art museum / stunning white and gold. has more reality than a real one.

Toorop, Charley (1891-1955) - 1940 Self Portrait with Fur Collar (Sheringa Museum voor Realisme, the Netherlands)

Charley Toorop - - self-portrait with Fur Collar, 1940 (Sheringa Museum voor Realisme, the Netherlands)

Kees van Dongen. Woman in Black Hat, 1908.

Kees van Dogen - Woman with the Black Hat, 1908 at The State Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg Russia Exhibit at the National Museum of Prado Madrid Spain

Het Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, meestal Rijksmuseum genoemd, is het grootste en belangrijkste rijksmuseum van Nederland.

Image 24 of 39 from gallery of Rijksmuseum Revisited: The Dutch National Museum One Year On. Photograph by John Lewis Marshall

Carel Willink - Simeon, de zuilenheilige (1939)

One of my favorite paintings by one of my favorite painters, Carel Willink. Doomful and foreboding, yet also beautiful.

Amandelbloesem van Vincent van Gogh. / Almond Blossom by Vincent van Gogh.

Saw the original at the Philadelphia Museum of Art today, and it is the most perfect painting I have ever seen. This painting was the inspiration for a poem I wrote!

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